The worst case scenario for not REACH preregistered materials: Import stop into EEC

Pre-registrations have been done by Spirig Switzerland under the new EEC regulations / laws for the safety of Chemicals containing products at the ECHA organisation Helsinki.


  1. The major Spirig products had been pre-registered with the ECHA organisation in Helsinki.
  2. Spirig has established under Reach regulation part (4) to protect the interests of Spirig a so called sole third party representative (STPR)  in the EEC.
  3. Spirig warrants supply within the EEC with all chemicals needed to operate the Spirflame® systems. These chemicals are pre-registrated at the ECHA.
  4. Spirig chemicals used for the manufacture of the Spirig Desoldering Braids / 3S-Wick® / Lotsauglitze® / Entlötlitzen are pre-registered with ECHA.
  5. Spirig products containing chemicals.Also for such products a number of preventive Pre-registrations have been made by Spirig at ECHA.
    The raw chemicals compositions /  components  used by Spirig for the manufacture of Spirig products are produced in large quantities within the EEC territory by various chemical supply houses. The supply of raw chemicals to Spirig, be it inside or outside the EEC, will always be guaranteed.
  6. Function of STPR (Sole Third Party Representative) for Spirig for REACH.
  • The STPR is only active for REACH issues.
  • The STPR does not have any commercial function.
  • The Spirig commercial and technical relations with the customers / clients will continue as established.

The above declaration simplifies your internal up- and downstream REACH communication duties.

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Last update: Jan 14, 2009